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15 Activities to Spark Creativity in the Classroom Regency - 2ndMonica Burns Activities to Support Technology Integration Practices Lake Bemidji - 4thYeng Chang Bite-Size Mastery: Nibbling on Mastery Learning Lakeshore B - 1stTiffany Ott Bring Personal Finance Alive Using Technology St. Croix - 2ndJames Redelsheimer Cultivating a Culture of Excellence Nicollet D - 1stJimmy Casas Empower, engage, and amplify with #FlipgridAR, #GridPals, and more! Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Hack Education with Student Innovation Teams Lake Harriet - 4thLisa Reed • Paula Hoff • Sara Hunt Igniting The Spark: Empowering Students Through Media Creation With Adobe Spark Nicollet A - 1stMichael Cohen Make the Shift! ISTE Student Standards Impact Lakeshore A - 1stBeth Clarke MS & HS Computer Science Curriculum Mapping Greenway A - 2ndAmanda Mackereth No Purpose? What a Waste! Service Leadership for Students 101 Greenway FG - 2ndRae Hughart • Bryan Zwemke Oh the Pass”abilities” – Hallpasses Gone Digital Lake Nokomis - 4thAndy Rishel Personalizing Chrome For All Learners: Accessibility Tools Lake Minnetonka - 4thTom Winn • Jo Jacobson Reading for Meaning with Read Naturally Live Lake of the Isles - 4thBen Weisner SMART Notebook & You Greenway J - 2ndTroy Reynolds Teaching the Tough Stuff Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndTom Rademacher Transforming Student Writing into Original Films Greenway DE - 2ndAaron Athas • Jeremy Harrison Uncovering Indigenous Leadership in Education Lakeshore C - 1stLeiataua Dr. Jon Peterson



"Put me in coach, I'm ready to play today" Greenway J - 2ndDoug Keddie • Kevin Sayers 12 Ready for Tomorrow Tips: Meaningful Formative Assessment with Technology Nicollet D - 1stMonica Burns Authentic Literacy and Deeper Learning Using Digital Tools Lakeshore A - 1stJennifer Plucker Closing the Technology/Pedagogy Gap Lake Harriet - 4thRuss Johnson CyberChallenge: An Online Summer Learning Program Lakeshore B - 1stLisa Silmser • Chelsea Regan • Kristin Contons Ed Tech Lip Sync Battle! Nicollet BC - 1stCarl Hooker Edina's Journey of 1-1: A Reflective Look Back & Forward Lake Nokomis - 4thMichael Walker Google Classroom - Beyond the Basics! Greenway FG - 2ndTyler Youngers Hybrid Courses: Flexibility, Best Practices & Schoology Greenway A - 2ndPaul Beckermann • Troy Anderson • Pam Beckermann Keyboarding Skills in the 21st Century? Yes, They Still Matter Lake of the Isles - 4thDean Ellsworth Maverick Leadership Lakeshore C - 1stMike Lawrence Reading More--Worrying Less Lake Bemidji - 4thJean Sando Share, showcase, and celebrate #StudentVoice with Flipgrid Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Social Emotional Learning Regency - 2ndKeri Strusz Statutes and Acronyms, oh My! Our MTSS Journey St. Croix - 2ndPaul Schlangen • Sandie Lahr The Inclusion Revolution Greenway BC - 2ndLaura Brunner • Nick Cedergren This American CLASSROOM Life: Podcasts in the Classroom Lake Minnetonka - 4thTravis Rother WeVideo - Individual, Shared, and Collaborative Projects Greenway HI - 2ndFrederick Ballew


#ChaseCuriosity in Social Studies Lakeshore B - 1stJeremy Mikla 21 Things Every 21st Century Educator Should Try in Their Classroom Nicollet BC - 1stCarl Hooker 8+ Tools to Engage ELLs in ALL Classrooms Greenway A - 2ndRachel Haider Blending Literature and Technology Together Lake Nokomis - 4thHolly Dragisich Build a Culture of Innovation Lakeshore C - 1stTony Davis Building Empathy Through Technology Greenway FG - 2ndAngela Harvala Cultural Competence the 5th C of 21st Century Learning Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndLanise Block Deepening Reading Comprehension with MackinVIA Greenway HI - 2ndDeidra Purvis Deeper Learning Through Integrations - SMART & G Suite Greenway J - 2ndMelissa Leister Empower, engage, and amplify with #FlipgridAR, #GridPals, and more! Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Getting Going with Jamboard Lake Harriet - 4thSusan Herder • Meghan Eberhart Hack Google! Lake Minnetonka - 4thJared Van Aalsburg Van Aalsburg • Jo Jacobson • Tom Winn Managing your Technology Services Lake of the Isles - 4thCharlie Meier Metier: The CCR Lifestyle Design Program St. Croix - 2ndKevin Votaw • Jordan Herman Online Assessments: Fun and Easy Tools for All Ages Greenway DE - 2ndDihanna Fedder Personalized Learning ... for Educators! Lakeshore A - 1st#VALUE! Quick Tech Tools and Add Ons Lake Bemidji - 4thDean Dahl • Angie Potts Select for Excellence – 8 Proven Tips to Improve Your Hiring Practices Nicollet D - 1stJimmy Casas Think Positive, Teach Happy! Greenway BC - 2ndTom Guetzke Using Design Thinking and Technology To Foster Creative Problem Solving Nicollet A - 1stMichael Cohen What if We Are Wrong? Pragmatism in Technology Integration Regency - 2ndCory Klinge


Alexa, can you help kids learn? Lake Nokomis - 4thDeLonn Crosby BestPrep: Inspire, Educate, Connect St. Croix - 2ndJenna Gale • Jonathan Filzen Blended Learning + Self-Paced + Gamification to Reach EACH Lake Minnetonka - 4thColin Schild Essentials for Success: Northeast Metro 916’s Onboarding Process Lakeshore A - 1stScott Schwister • Emily Thomas Everyone Should Create: Exploring Creativity Apps On The iPad Nicollet A - 1stMichael Cohen Input and Output: Maximize Impact with Google Forms and Sheets Greenway A - 2ndLisa Worden • Audra Lind • Lisa Pingrey Inquiry to Promote Social Emotional Learning Greenway HI - 2ndJennifer Plucker Leading from Within Lakeshore C - 1stKaylin Rudolph • April Berthiaume Literacy at your Fingertips Lake Bemidji - 4thDwayne Johnson • Jo Jacobson Ready-for-Tomorrow Tips to Place Tasks Before Apps Nicollet BC - 1stMonica Burns Rhyme, Rhythm and Reading Lakeshore B - 1stKathy Hans Share, showcase, and celebrate #StudentVoice with Flipgrid Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Teaching Matters Greenway BC - 2ndNancy Van Erp Teenagers and Technology - What do we do? Regency - 2ndPaula Hoff • Dave Eisenmann The EdTech Coach Potluck Greenway J - 2ndEric Hills • Doug Keddie • Jeff Jackelen The Student Device Continuum Lake Harriet - 4thRuss Johnson Tips and Tricks to Protect Your Data and Lower Personal Risks Greenway FG - 2ndNicole Pruden Using Technology as a Tool for Culturally Responsive Teaching Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndLanise Block


Tuesday, December 17



#FlipgridFever Workshop: #FlipgridAR, #Fliphunt, #Flipmoji, and more! Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma #iamremarkable Lakeshore A - 1stBeth Clarke Blended and Flipped Learning in the Science Classroom Lake Minnetonka - 4thMatthew Inman Coding in Language Arts with Google CS First Lake Harriet - 4thKatie Davis • Natalie Weatherman Embracing The New Learning Objectives Nicollet A - 1stJordan Shapiro FAKE: The Essential Truths All Principals Need to Know to Be Effective Nicollet BC - 1stJimmy Casas Finding Quality Information for Inquiry Projects Lake Bemidji - 4thLinda Mork Flexible Student-Centered Learning: Seating, Tech, and Choice Lakeshore C - 1stOskar Cymerman Grade of Thrones: A Green Screen Identity Adventure Greenway HI - 2ndChristine Weihe I can’t learn because I don’t fit in! Belonging = engagement Greenway DE - 2ndRebecca Slaby Level Up: Immersive Classroom Gamification Greenway J - 2ndemily kjesbo-johnson • Francis Olsem Merging Technology and Music-Making for Middle School Learners Lake Nokomis - 4thAndy Berg • Dr. Jolanda Dranchak Mobile Computer Science Principles through Concurrent Enrollment St. Croix - 2nd#VALUE! Ready-for-Tomorrow Tips to Place Tasks Before Apps Regency - 2ndMonica Burns Reflection Practices for Leadership Lakeshore B - 1stLisa Sackreiter Take Flight: Coding to Fly Drones Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndMark Kuske • Tom Winn TeachMN2020: advancing a racially diverse teacher workforce Greenway FG - 2ndRose Chu The Burnout Antidote Greenway BC - 2ndJennifer Clifden The Entrepreneurial Spark: Creating The Space To Promote Entrepreneurial Thinking Nicollet D - 1stMichael Cohen



15 Activities to Spark Creativity in the Classroom Nicollet BC - 1stMonica Burns 20 Tools to Foster the 4Cs in the ELA Classroom Lake Harriet - 4thJackie Stevens Applying an Equity Lens for Student Success Regency - 2ndStacy Wells • Bukata Hayes Chromebooks Can Do WHAT?! Greenway A - 2ndMeghan Eberhart • Susan Herder College & Career Prep with LearningExpress Library St. Croix - 2ndBeth Staats Developing an Industry 4.0 Program Greenway BC - 2ndMike Dietrich • Scott Bullock Discussions: Harnessing the Power of Schoology's Key Tool Greenway DE - 2ndColleen Coleman • Kristina Aars Energized Teachers - Elevated Teaching Lake Superior B - 5thJennifer Clifden Energized Teachers - Elevated Teaching Nicollet A - 1stJennifer Clifden Finding the Right Data to Tell Your Story Lakeshore C - 1stPenny Pease • Julie Carter • EdD • Lisa deRoy Flipgrid for Coaches: Ignite #StudentVoice School-Wide Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Gazing into the crystal ball at the future of online education. Lakeshore B - 1stJeffrey Plaman Headaches scheduling activity periods? Not with FlexTime Manager! Lake Nokomis - 4thAndy Rishel Improved Technology Systems Lead to Student Success Lake of the Isles - 4thJanet Peters Interrobang: Enthusiastic Curiosity in Education Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndMike Lawrence Ready, Set, Launch: Building a K-5 Technology Program Lake Bemidji - 4thAra Anderson • Jenny Conrad • Charlie Box Seesaw Build Off!! Nicollet D - 1stKris Szajner • Andy Leiser The Many Faces of Digital Feedback and Formative Assessment Greenway HI - 2ndJo Jacobson • Travis Rother Utilizing Social Media to Engage Students and Stakeholders Lake Minnetonka - 4thJeff Gargas What the EF? Greenway FG - 2ndCarolyn Fruin Your Buildings are Safe - How About Your Data? Greenway J - 2ndMarc Johnson • Nicole Pruden


12 Ready for Tomorrow Tips: Meaningful Formative Assessment with Technology Nicollet BC - 1stMonica Burns Belong with us! Using Classroom Dynamics™ to create belonging Greenway DE - 2ndRobin Starch • John Bjoraker Beyond the Foundations of Flipgrid: Guest Mode, MixTapes, #GridPals, #FlipgridAR and Shorts Minnehaha - 2ndJornea Armant • Jess Boyce • and Ann Kozma Code.org Computer Science Pathways for Middle and High School Lakeshore B - 1stAlex Dexheimer • Sarah Carter Creative Media, Local Businesses & a Bridge Between - Basecamp St. Croix - 2ndSandra Riehl Drones in the Classroom Lake Bemidji - 4thOrion Patrie Enhancing Student Writing Conferences with Technology Lake of the Isles - 4thChristine Balgord Fostering Creativity Through Digital Media Projects Lake Nokomis - 4thAllison Larsen • Kurt Becker Getting your feet wet with Standards-Based Grading Lake Minnetonka - 4thRae Hughart Happy Teacher - Happy Classroom, Mindfulness in k-12 Greenway HI - 2ndJon Larson Level Up Google Forms Lakeshore C - 1stEmily Thomas Making Learning Stick: Experiential Learning through AR/VR Greenway FG - 2ndSara Hunt • Melissa (Mo) Haskamp • Kaylene Alexander Seesaw - Beyond the Basics Greenway BC - 2ndWill Swingle Support for Middle School Readers: Lessons Learned Lake Harriet - 4thBeth Praska The Future is Now: Students as Technologists Regency - 2ndStu Keroff The World is within Your School's Reach Lakeshore A - 1stTami Moehring Today's Leader: Breaking down Silos Northstar Ballroom B - 2ndTony Davis Using TechScaffold to Select Apps for Instruction Greenway A - 2ndRichard Beach • Gregory Klotz